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  • Current Indiana Law on charging patients for their medical records.

    • 760 IAC 1-71-3 General requirements
    • Authority: IC 16-39-9-4
    • Affected: IC 16-39
    Sec. 3.
    1. A provider or medical records company that receives a request for a copy of a patient’s medical record shall charge not more than the following
      1. One dollar ($1) per page for the first ten (10) pages.
      2. Fifty cents ($.50) per page for pages eleven (11) through fifty (50).
      3. Twenty-five cents ($.25) per page for pages fifty-one (51) and higher.
    2. The provider or the medical records company may collect a labor fee not to exceed twenty dollars ($20). If the provider or medical records company collects a labor fee, the provider or medical records company may not charge for making and providing copies of the first ten (10) pages of a medical record.
    3. The provider or medical records company may charge the actual costs of mailing the medical record.
    4. The provider or the medical records company may collect an additional ten dollars ($10) if the request is for copies to be provided within two (2) working days.
    5. The provider or medical records company may collect a charge not to exceed twenty dollars ($20) for certifying a patient’s medical record.

UnitedHealthcare Lawsuit

Have you had recoupment demands from UnitedHealthcare? If so you may qualify to take part in a class action lawsuit.Please contact Thomas Force if interested at (631) 870-4040 or by email at


File Meaningful Use Hardship Exemption – Deadline: November 30, 2014

CMS reopened the submission period for submitting hardship exemption applications following protests from numerous physician advocacy organizations regarding the original hardship exception deadline of April 1, 2014, for eligible hospitals and July 1, 2014, for eligible professionals. The new deadline for submitting a hardship exemption isNovember 30, 2014.

This reopened hardship exception application submission period is for eligible professionals and eligible hospitals that:


·         Have been unable to fully implement 2014 Edition CEHRT due to delays in 2014 Edition CEHRT availability; AND

·         Eligible professionals who were unable to attest by October 1, 2014 and eligible hospitals that were unable to attest by July 1, 2014 using the flexibility options provided in the CMS 2014 CEHRT Flexibility Rule.


View the CMS hardship exemption tip sheet for additional information or to access the hardship extension application.


For additional information on Meaningful Use visit




Webinars – November-December 2014

Starting a Practice: How to Avoid the Pitfalls - Nov 18, 2014 2pm CT

Are you considering starting a practice? For many physicians, the idea of opening a medical practice is very appealing. However, before a physician gets started, there are complex issues, legal and otherwise, that need to be considered. This webinar will help you recognize the issues by making your efforts more resourceful and limiting potential problems related to starting your medical practice. Register Now!


PQRS: What You Need to Know and How to Report - Nov 19, 2014 12pm CT

Failing to report for PQRS no longer means losing out on a small incentive; providers are now facing fines that, with the Value-Based Modifier program, become fairly significant. That’s why you need to understand how to report for this program with ease. In this complimentary webinar presented by Richard J. Snow, DO, and Seth Flam, DO, you’ll learn what's new for 2015, how to choose clinical quality measures, how meaningful use affects your choices, and how to report for the PQRS. This webinar is approved for AOA Category 1-A CME credit. Register Now!


Key Issues to Consider When Selling and Closing Your Practice - Dec 3, 2014 2pm CT

Are you thinking of closing or selling your practice? Doing so requires a good deal of planning and time; it cannot be done correctly without both. Where do you begin? By attending this informative webinar hosted by Jayme Matchinski, JD, you will be provided with the key issues you should take into consideration when selling or closing your practice. Register Now!


2015 CPT Changes - Dec 10, 2014 7pm CT

Join Judith O'Connell, DO as she provides an update on new codes, revisions and deletions of existing codes in the 2014 CPT manual, and explain what these changes mean to your practice. This webinar is approved for AOA Category 1-A CME credit.Register Now!


Webinar Series: Power Up for Practice Growth and Profits

Join the AOA Practice Management Department in collaboration with Judy Capko and Cheryl Bisera as we present the Power Up for Practice Growth and Profits webinar series.


Patient-centered care is not just a laudable principle. Financial rewards are now being structured to respond to patient needs and physicians and health care systems are seeking ways to enhance communication with patients, share decision-making and improve patient outcomes. This three-part webinar series highlights the patient-centered movement and provides tips that you can and should incorporate into your practice to provide a better patient experience. Webinars will be released weekly beginning October 6, 2014 and the last webinar in the series will be December 22, 2014.


Practice Culture

11/10/14: The Changing Marketplace: Working with Hospitals and Systems Without Losing Yourself

11/17/14: The Win-Win: It’s All About the Patients

11/24/14: Embracing Patient Feedback


Patient Experience

12/1/14: Mirror, Mirror: Look Within Your Practice

12/8/14: Blow Them Away!

12/15/14: Clinic-Patient Relationship Boosters

12/22/14: 10 Things You Can Do Now Without Breaking the Bank


**No registration necessary, view at your own convenience. All webinars take less than 30 minutes and will be available on-demand.**


For further information, visit


*Click here for full list of AOA Webinars


HIPAA Question

Question: Is it true that we cannot allow patient/guest Wi-Fi in our office because of HIPAA?


Answer: It is not a good idea to allow patient/guest to access dedicated Wi-Fi for your practice and potentially giving them access to your HER or patient data. However, having a secure guest/patient Wi-Fi that is set up separate from the practice Wi-Fi is a great idea, safe and will be appreciated by patients if your office has significant wait times. to access the guides and additional HIPAA resources.


Something you should know – Practice Culture

Although the image your practice portrays is vitally important, the culture inside your practice has the greatest impact on the patient experience. Instead of thinking in terms of what's the matter with patients, physician practices must focus on what matters to patients. To learn more view this less than 30 minute Power Up Webinar: Cultural Revolution: Team Buy-In